The Crossover

Today is the day to crossover!

The simplest definition of the word crossover is "to move from one place to another" 

It's time for the church to crossover into the promises, provision, purpose, and destination God had given to us. 

Joshua 1:2 (TVT)
Since My servant Moses is now dead, you and the Israelites must prepare to cross over the Jordan River to enter the land I have given you.

Crossing into this new land will require the church to move into the unknown and less predicatble religious boundaries of yesterday and fully trust the Spirit to lead us into a place we have never been before.

It's time for the church to fully crossover into new methods, strategies, and blueprints to reach a new generation for JESUS.  

The key is God's prescence. Seek His presence. Hunger for His presence, and step into this new territory with your eyes fully fasted onto Jesus. No more holding back, no more generational cycles holding you back! Your crossover is your breakthrough. Be strong and courageous for today is your day to crossover!