Prayer Ministry

Prayer invites us to experience the supernatural. God has invited every person to come before Him and make their requests known. He also asks other people to have a ministry of praying and releasing His power toward others.  If you feel like God has asked you to pray for other than you should explore our prayer ministry. There are two main areas in this ministry:
1. Altar prayer time.
  • Pray with people during the altar time of the service you attend.
  • Grow in the gifts of the Spirit and use them during this time.
  • Help connect those who may need extensive prayer toward a prayer appointment.
2.  Healing Prayer Team.
  • Member of three person prayer team.
  • Give extensive prayer (one hour) over a person with your team.
    • Develop and move strongly in the spiritual gifts.
    • Fast and pray for the person prior to the appointment.
  • Attend regular training sessions. 

If you would like a full ministry description or would like to talk with our prayer coordinator feel free to call 928-251-1372 or